Friday, 26 April 2013

Beat the Heat!

Ola Amigos Amigas!

The heat is intense. Summer in the Philippines is insanely hot! Sunblock becomes a necessity. Nonetheless, summer here is super fun!

A simple brown hat and green eye shadow to match your outfit.

Nude heels is a must in every girl's closet because it can absolutely go with anything!

Colorful feather necklace for additional spice.
And of course, a brown belt to highlight the look.
Never forget to accessorize! If you want a simple look like this you can lay low with the accessories to balance your look.

(c) Pretzel T./ Ivan M.

Always remember to be confident! 
Tell us about your fresh-blooming look this summer in the comments below!

Love, Kat T.

Forever Young

First of all hello everyone thank you for continuously visiting our blog!
We want to give you hugs and kisses!

So as we all know the weather is really hot and we'd like to wear something that is comfortable and fresh!
Here is one simple summer look you can easily have this season!

Props to Kat's maltese, Fluffy, for being cute.
A dog is always the perfect accessory.
Just kidding I look like dorothy holding Toto in the movie wizard of Oz.

Fluffy looking tired and annoyed hahaha.

A simple braided hair is perfect hairstyle this summer.

The casual look up in the sky shot.

Okay so I probably look like I'm 12 here, no wonder one time the girl working at the cinema counter asked me if I was already 13 because we were gonna watch this R-13 movie. I'm not sure if that's a compliment because I'm already 18 hahaha.

 Floral romper to match the summery feel.

Blue peep-toe ankle strap platform wedge.

Pink feather earrings.

 A bunch of colorful charms I got from Tomato so colorful!

Hype this look on lookbook!
And of course add the perfect smile to complete the look.

Always Remember to have fun and enjoy Summer while it lasts!
Tell us about your style for this summer in the comments below!

Love, Preziella T.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Fun Under the Sun!

Beach. Flip flops. Bikinis. Shorts and tank tops.
Yup, its summer once again, guys. A very hot one, indeed, here in the Philippines!

The photo below shows our normal faces. Kidding. I'm not really Kidding.

And yes, summer won't be complete without hanging out with your best buds.

(c) Benito L.

Happy summer to all of you! 
Thank you for the continuous love and support for this Blog!
We love you all!

Tell us about your barkada moments in the comments below!

With love, 
Pretz, Kat & Ivan

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Fierce Kat T.

Fierce like a Tiger.

A Tiger print gives this look a kick.

Make your look more fiery by applying cat eye liner.

           Black Corset tube, black & gold bib necklace and a tiger-printed bandage skirt to finish the look.

(c) Pretzel T.

And "Rawr", said the tiger.

Tell us about your fierce look in the comment box below!
Have a great day :)

With love,
Kat T.

Friday, 19 April 2013

The Sophisticated Preziella Tsang

Sophisticated is Black.

Black peplum jumpsuit plus a black beaded necklace to complete a simple but refined look.

A Pulled-back hair adds a pinch of sophistication.

(c) Kathrine Ting

A simple black ensemble gives off an elegant yet sophisticated look.
Tell us about your sophisticated look by leaving a comment below!
Have a nice day :)

With love,
Pretzel T.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Classic Ivan Morano

A pair of Aviators, black pants, folded blue polo and a stick of Marlboro. 
Simple. Chic. Classic with pinch of bad boy. 

(c)Kathrine Ting

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.

With love, 

Ivan M.

Sneak Peek!

As Spotted Manila launches its blog, here's a little preview of the theme and photos to be featured this week. Lots of bad-ass-kicking love to all of you! 

With love, 
Preztel, Kat, & Ivan