Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Korean Lace

Hello blog readers! How was your week?

Well here in DLSU we have been busy watching the intense UAAP season 76 final 4 basketball game. We just watched the game between DLSU and FEU and fortunately De La Salle University won ANIMO! So much school pride! The game was held in SM Moa Arena and it was so intense that tickets for the good seats are so hard to find!! 

Do you know Super Junior- the biggest Korean boy band? They are coming to the Philippines! Isn't it exciting? They are going to have their concert in SM Moa Arena too! So for all of you kpop fanatics out there better save up cause the tickets aren't cheap!
(although Kat is not really a KPOP fan)

For this week's look, we have another KPOP post for you!

For the Kpop make up we just applied the basics: Bb cream and foundation to get their flawless skin, Eyeliner, falsies to get the fierce korean eyes, and finally a pink natural lipstick to make the look fresh. 

Korean make up are more natural-looking that's why they don't put heavy make-up.
Simple is beautiful.

Girls Generation Salute pose!

Giyomi. (yuck hahaha)


Typical Korean pose that is Jejemon-ized in the Philippines

For the clothes we just pared a lace crop top with a black skirt.
You can get this look by pairing any crop top with a skater skirt or flowy skirt.
You can visit to see awesome finds like crop tops and printed skirts!

Shades: Forever 21
Top: topshop
Skirt: SM

Photographer: Preziella Tsang
Stylist: Preziella Tsang and Kathrine Ting

Tell us how you would style your korean themed look by commenting below!
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God Bless and always Take care! Stay tuned for more posts :)

Kathrine Ting

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Korean Pastel

Hello Our beloved blog readers!
We have a super rainy weather for the week! The weather is just cray-crazy!
Sorry for the late post guys we are so busy with the first day of classes and the enrollment stuff.
I know we haven't posted for a week now so here's a new post you've all been waiting for!
I have been told by a lot of people that I look like a korean and I take that as a compliment haha. I love how the koreans do their make up! It is so simple to emphasize your natural look!

Please excuse my invisible abs.

For the make up we used bb cream and foundation for the whole face, brown eyebrow liner for the brows, and apply falsies, black liquid eyeliner for the korean like eyes! A pink lipstick to give your lips a simple natural glossy look. 

The secret to a pointy nose is applying a small amount of brown shade to the sides of your nose to make the illusion of it being pointier and applying a lighter shade of your skin tone in the middle of your nose highlight it.

Whacky Pose that best describes me!

Girls Generation Pose Haha!

Pa-demure look!

I am so in-love with Crop Tops So for my outfit I chose Pastel Colors.
I paired A rugby crop top with a girly high-waisted shorts and I added a pair of aviators to accessorize.


Top, shorts and shades all from Topshop
Hype this Look on Lookbook!

Stylist: Preziella Tsang
Photographer: Kathrine Ting
Make up by: Kathrine Ting

Tell us about your korean look in the comments below! :)
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Take Care and God bless!

Love, Pretzel

Monday, 2 September 2013

Spotted Store Soon

Prints, prints prints!

As Spotted Manila launches its store soon, we would like to give you a preview of what's in store for you!

Fun aztec dresses!

Skater skirts with a twist!
These printed skirts will surely be a head-turner.

Plus a whole lot more tops and cute dresses! 
Like our page on facebook to get updated with our first collection soon!

Stay tuned and God Bless!

Love, Kat Mon and Pretz

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sexy black dress

Hello there Blog readers!
How's your weekend? I'm sure many of us are bummed by the start of classes, especially Lasallians! 12 days streak of classes in DLSU-Manila is just a suicidal path for Lasallians to take! Nevertheless, there's a BigFish party coming up!! Yay one saturday for us to just chill out and party with some friends! Here's one hot look you can wear this saturday!

You can never go wrong with a black dress. It is a must find in every girl's closet!

The corset detail in the dress makes your figure look more sexy!

Monique and her hot messy hair!

Who wouldn't love Spotted Manila's Cutie over here!

Pair your black dress with any pumps and you're good to go!

Model: Monique See
Stylist: Preziella Tsang
Photographer: Kathrine Ting

Tell us how you style your black dress in the comments below!
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Stay tuned and God Bless :)!

Hugs and Kisses :), 
Monique See

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Show Me the Money!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Here's a little showgirl look for all of you!
So show me the money, baby!

Caught red handed!

Hot mess!

White tube dress, black studded belt, red gloves, pearls and black high heels and you are ready for the show!

There's no other tuna!
We would like to thank our sponsor century tuna for keeping our models fit and healthy.

The weather's a bit gloomy today that's why classes got suspended hooray! But let us not be happy about it because many families got affected by the stormy weather. Always remember to stay safe and pray always! God bless you all :)
Stay tuned for more posts to come!
Tell us about your showgirl/ vintage look in the comments below! :)
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Photographed by: Monique See
Styled by: Preziella Tsang and Monique See

Love, Kathrine Ting

Monday, 5 August 2013

Life's a gamble

A beautiful day to you blog reader!
Casinos, clubs and sleepless nights.
Welcome to Vegas, baby!

When I think of Vegas I see glitter and shimmer everywhere. It's all about bold colors and sparkles!

A sparkling sequined blue tube dress, matched with red gloves and pearls.
Elegant! Finish off the look with a classic bun and red lipstick.

Blue and red are bright colors that stand out together.

I chose to have simple accessories to put more emphasis on my blue dress.

A simple black dress could also help you get this look.

This post won't be complete without our canned tuna advertisement pose.

Dress from topshop
Gloves from SM
Pearl bracelets from Aldo

Shoes from Dorothy Perkins

Photographed by: Kathrine Ting
Styled by: Preziella Tsang

Tell us about your vegas inspired look in the comments below :)!
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Stay tuned and God bless!

Hugs and kisses,

Friday, 2 August 2013

Count the Dots

A wonderful day to all of you blog readers!
How's your week?
Here is another post for you guys. 
A simple girly look.
This polka dotted skirt is a fun perky piece you can pair with any plain colored top!

We made the skirt the focus of this look.

 What a bubbly, happy, kiddie look.

Always have fun with your outfits!

Tell us about your fun perky look in the comments below!
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We'll keep you posted :)
God bless and have a nice day!

Kathrine Ting

Photographed by: Monique See
Styled by: Preziella Tsang

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Hello beloved blog readers!

Today we are posting a simple yet chick look.

Do you notice the sudden crop top craze we have today?

Well, We decided to join the bandwagon of midrib tops!
I chose to wear this checkered midrib top and paired it with a plain red bandaged skirt.

You can get this look easily by pairing a midrib top with any bandaged skirt!
Don't forget the feisty red lipstick to spice things up!

Senyora pose!

Classy and sexy!

Note: A lot of inhaling and stomach in was used to accomplish this semi-flat stomach.

If you are not skinny (like me) and you want to pull of a midrib top? IPUSH mo lang yan girl! Carry lang yan! Just make sure you haven't eaten yet and tuck that stomach in. Inhale! Who cares if there's a little bulge in that tummy just work it girl! Confidence lang yan!

Top from forever21
Skirt from H&M

Always smile because that's your best feature!

Modelling for canned goods! Lol we are so bored.

Tell us about how you pull off a midrib look by posting in the comments below!
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Stay tuned and God Bless

Stay beautiful and confident!
Preziella Tsang

Photographed by: Kathrine T.
Styled by: Preziella Tsang