Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Hello beloved blog readers!

Today we are posting a simple yet chick look.

Do you notice the sudden crop top craze we have today?

Well, We decided to join the bandwagon of midrib tops!
I chose to wear this checkered midrib top and paired it with a plain red bandaged skirt.

You can get this look easily by pairing a midrib top with any bandaged skirt!
Don't forget the feisty red lipstick to spice things up!

Senyora pose!

Classy and sexy!

Note: A lot of inhaling and stomach in was used to accomplish this semi-flat stomach.

If you are not skinny (like me) and you want to pull of a midrib top? IPUSH mo lang yan girl! Carry lang yan! Just make sure you haven't eaten yet and tuck that stomach in. Inhale! Who cares if there's a little bulge in that tummy just work it girl! Confidence lang yan!

Top from forever21
Skirt from H&M

Always smile because that's your best feature!

Modelling for canned goods! Lol we are so bored.

Tell us about how you pull off a midrib look by posting in the comments below!
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Stay tuned and God Bless

Stay beautiful and confident!
Preziella Tsang

Photographed by: Kathrine T.
Styled by: Preziella Tsang

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Vintage pastel

Here is another look for our 60s themed shoot.

The curlers has been our best friend for decades, yet it never fails to give us bouncy curls.

Pretzel with her curlers still on.

Plain white corset top and pink high waist-ed short shorts is a classic.

A colorful pink flower headpiece to complete the ensemble

Pearls are a simple chic accessory that you can pair with almost anything.
Always smile and be confident in your outfit!

Photographed by: Kathrine T.
Styled by: Preziella Tsang

You don't need to over accessorize if you want this look.
Simplicity is always more beautiful than over the top.  

Tell us about your vintage look in the comments below :)!
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Stay tuned! Godbless :)!

Hugs and kisses,

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Playful Bliss

Good Morning blog readers! How was your day today?
Here is another 60s inspired look we have in store for you!

Remember those days back when they loved ribbons, corsets and high waisted bottoms?
Well a black corset top and high waisted pink shorts would give you that 60s inspired youthful ensemble.

  A blue ribbon head band and a simple pony tail will make you look younger and vibrant!

 Kat's creepy photo.
Caption: "Looks can be deceiving"
Hold a knife plus that sinister smile.

Kat thinking about a cutie in DLSU

For this look you can take your ponytail off and still make your look work.
Which is better ponytail or none?

"Ohh, the sun is so hot" awkward pose.

Tell us about your 60s inspired vibrant look in the comments below :)!
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Stay tuned and God bless :)!
Photographed by: Monique See
Styled by: Preziella Tsang

Hugs and kisses,
Kathrine Ting

Monday, 15 July 2013

Monique See

Say hello to the new girl of Spotted Manila, Monique See!

She's our high school batch mate and also a student of DLSU.

So here's how we styled Monique.

Skater skirts are sort of the "in" thing recently. 

Here's a simple look that will suit the warm afternoons in Manila!

Mint green skater skirt, denim corset and a simple sunflower headpiece. 

Well, you know, these floral crowns really bring a simple look to life!

We applied blue and green eye shadow for Monique's eyes and a dash of pink lipstick to complete the look.

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Tell us about your radiant look in the comments below!
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Stay tuned and God Bless!

Photographed by: Kathrine Ting
Styled by: Preziella Tsang

Hugs and kisses,
Kat, Prez and Mon

Friday, 12 July 2013

The Girls of Spotted Manila

One of the best feelings ever: a fun and laid-back afternoon with your best girlfriends.

Here's a sneak peek of our upcoming posts!

Kisses from us to you, guys!
Stay tuned blog readers and have a blessed day!

(c) Benito L.