Sunday, 19 May 2013

Frosh Welcoming Guitar Hero Style

Hi guys sorry for the late post but we've been really busy with our summer but we'll make sure to make up for it. We love you guys :).

It is the start of a new school year here at De La Salle University, and it has been tradition to have our annual frosh welcoming Week. Hooray!!  We call the incoming freshman here Froshies! Weird huh :)? 
So anyway, all the organizations have to choose their own themes and booths to welcome the froshies. Ofcourse, who wouldn't forget the freebies every org had prepared just for the froshies! Lucky batch!

This makes us miss our frosh days :( boohoo. At least we can still be mistaken as froshies ;), Well, thanks to our baby faces! Just kidding haha.

Our organization, Ley La Salle, chose Guitar Hero.
We had to dress up like rockstars. Super fun!

Okay, we make annoying rockstars, but we are working on it!

I loved the CLA froshies! They are not shy to let out a fun response to our Rocker style Welcome.
Here are some of the pictures of the froshies in CLA.

Spotted: CLA ID 113 cutie!

Our booth :)!

Kat's rebel get up :)
To get this rebellious look you need to have a messy hair, DIY muscle shirt, bangles, black skinny jeans and let's not forget a red electric guitar. Showing of a bit of your flat tummy is not bad but just make sure you have a flat one haha just kidding :)). Confidence is just the key to have success in styling your outfit. So if you have a short top showing off your tummy wear it proud!! Or just keep your stomach in haha :).

Pretzel's edgy rocker look :)
Studded muscle shirt, pleated shorts, leggings and a pair of booties to make a gothic look.
You can definitely upgrade your look by accessorizing with spiky bracelets, chain necklaces and neon feather earrings :).

Can we just say that it was hard to walk around school looking like this. haha. We got a lot of stares from people who pass by, but this is definitely a fun experience!

We want to congratulate all the ID113 froshies, and Welcome you to De La Salle University!
College is one hell of a fun adventure so cherish it and enjoy your stay in La Salle!
Keep the Animo Spirit!
Kat and Pretzel

Are you a froshie? or do you remember some of your newbie days in your college? 
Tell us about your frosh days in the comments below! :)

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