Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Hello beloved blog readers!

Today we are posting a simple yet chick look.

Do you notice the sudden crop top craze we have today?

Well, We decided to join the bandwagon of midrib tops!
I chose to wear this checkered midrib top and paired it with a plain red bandaged skirt.

You can get this look easily by pairing a midrib top with any bandaged skirt!
Don't forget the feisty red lipstick to spice things up!

Senyora pose!

Classy and sexy!

Note: A lot of inhaling and stomach in was used to accomplish this semi-flat stomach.

If you are not skinny (like me) and you want to pull of a midrib top? IPUSH mo lang yan girl! Carry lang yan! Just make sure you haven't eaten yet and tuck that stomach in. Inhale! Who cares if there's a little bulge in that tummy just work it girl! Confidence lang yan!

Top from forever21
Skirt from H&M

Always smile because that's your best feature!

Modelling for canned goods! Lol we are so bored.

Tell us about how you pull off a midrib look by posting in the comments below!
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Stay tuned and God Bless

Stay beautiful and confident!
Preziella Tsang

Photographed by: Kathrine T.
Styled by: Preziella Tsang

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