Thursday, 8 August 2013

Show Me the Money!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Here's a little showgirl look for all of you!
So show me the money, baby!

Caught red handed!

Hot mess!

White tube dress, black studded belt, red gloves, pearls and black high heels and you are ready for the show!

There's no other tuna!
We would like to thank our sponsor century tuna for keeping our models fit and healthy.

The weather's a bit gloomy today that's why classes got suspended hooray! But let us not be happy about it because many families got affected by the stormy weather. Always remember to stay safe and pray always! God bless you all :)
Stay tuned for more posts to come!
Tell us about your showgirl/ vintage look in the comments below! :)
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Photographed by: Monique See
Styled by: Preziella Tsang and Monique See

Love, Kathrine Ting

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